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from Susan Wehrspann & Associates

Susan Wehrspann & Associates formats every program to meet specific needs of your meeting, fundraiser or event. Our topics can be tailored to be keynotes, kickoffs, short seminar modules or training programs. Whatever the design they all have these common ingredients: highly interactive, thought provoking, relevant, entertaining, and motivational. Our goal is to add value, engage the audience and inspire action.

Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Confronting Problem Behavior
  • Negotiating  for Results
Change and Transition
  • Managers Managing Change and Transition
  • Becoming Change Adept
  • Employee Empowerment and Talent  Retention
  • Surviving Reorganization and Outsourcing
  • Motivating Yourself and Others
  • Creating Career Buoyancy
  • Transitioning to Supervisor
Customer Service Problem Solving and Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Creativity and Innovation
  • Brain Building Tactics
  • Utilizing the  Power of  Diversity of  Thinking
Team Building Time Management Avoiding Sexual Harassment

Life Skills for Winning
  • Emotional Competence- Keeping Cool Under Fire
  • Becoming Change Adept
  • Stress Survival Kit
  • Assertiveness Training


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