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Picture of Susan Wehrspann
Susan Wehrspann

A lawyer by education and educator by choice, Susan uses her experience in the corporate arena, with a personal style that enthralls, to provoke new ideas, and motivate participants.

Creativity and initiative are not just words in a speech to her. Susan knows firsthand the power of thinking outside the box. As an adult, Susan discovered she had learning disabilities her entire life. Yet she graduated at the top of her high school class, earned Phi Beta Kappa at Indiana University and received her law degree from the University of Arizona Law School.

Participants find her experience and personal victories lend authenticity and power to her programs. When participants listen and believe, they are more willing to apply what they have learned.
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Experience Makes the Difference
As a trainer, speaker, and consultant Susan is highly recognized for her innovative and enlightening presentations. She has dedicated over twenty years to:

Bullet ArrowTraining in the Human Side of Work
Bullet ArrowDelivering over 1800 keynotes and seminars
Bullet ArrowDeveloping dozens of high-performing teams
Bullet ArrowCoaching executives to frontline workers
Bullet ArrowFacilitating planning meetings and retreats
Bullet ArrowAddressing over 100 organizations a year

Including: Fortune 500 Companies, small to midsize businesses, associations, non-profits, schools, and universities.

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Engages, Enlightens and Empowers
Susan's unique insight into human nature and her humorous approach to tough issues allow her to connect with audiences. She goes to great lengths to understand the issues her clients face. Her ability to identify with audiences is extraordinary, engaging them with her:

Bullet ArrowHigh levels of interaction
Bullet ArrowRelevant examples
Bullet ArrowTailored information
Bullet ArrowMemorable stories
Bullet ArrowAnimated humor
Bullet ArrowHands-on practice

By the end of her sessions, participants have experienced firsthand the value in making changes, and have practiced applying what they learned to their day-to-day issues.

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