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Facilitation, Coaching, Consulting Services

Susan Wehrspann and Associates specializes in dynamic facilitation, facilitator training, collaboration skills training, as well as, consulting, consulting training and professional coaching. We design all services to meet your specifics needs so that you recognize and maximize employee potential. Our goal is to assure that you develop and retain star performers, identify and coach under-performers, and provide you the tools to create a stronger, more efficient workforce.


We can provide a professional facilitator who leads teams through strategic planning, process improvement, conflict resolution, and collaborative decision making and consensus building. We also teach people to facilitate teams, project manage meetings, strategic negotiation. Or we can coach you through designing a session, preparing sample deliverables, and developing a detailed agenda. We can also help you develop specific strategies for managing dysfunctional behavior. During your meeting, we can either co-facilitate portions of the agenda, or simply observe your performance and offer detailed suggestions for improvement. Throughout the entire process, we can offer in-depth feedback to help refine the skills learned in class and boost your confidence.

Facilitation: How Do You Decide What is Going to Get Results

You may know the group, you understand how to get them involved, get them focused, intervene appropriately when things get out of hand, and come to a group consensus. But what if that is not your job or there are other conditions that challenge your success? When do you choose a facilitator that understands the phases of change, the kinds of roles needed to assure your group moves effectively through in each phase, and has the personal qualities that engenders trust, maximizes contribution and assures accountability?

When Do You Want To Hire A Facilitator?

When Do You Want To Do It Yourself?

Facilitation Approach

Effective facilitation gives the participants a voice in the issues, and an environment that allows everyone to be heard without judgment. We use a variety of techniques dialogue, appreciative inquiry, and precision communication. We provide a consensus building experience that meets participants’ needs and assures accountability for decisions, and the tools implement agreements to be successful. We go through a four step process to assure that you get the results you want.

Pre Facilitation Planning
Tailored Design
Custom Facilitation
Post Facilitation Recommendations

Sample Facilitation Areas

  • Emerging Leader Development
  • Mentoring Formal Program Development
  • Mentoring Informal Program Development
  • Vision into Action
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Meeting Facilitation
  • Retreat and Symposium Facilitation
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Training the Trainer


We can help advance your career, improve your work, attract more clients, by either helping you refine your coaching skills or by providing you professional coaching. Both help you develop specific strategies for managing yourself, your work, your projects and your employees.

Professional Coaching

Coaching Skills Training


We offer the full range of services to enhance performance. Whatever your objectives from aligning performance with strategic objectives to developing entire competency based training curriculum we work with you to develop the powerful tools to help ensure your success.

We offer an array of design, training and implementation services that allow you to design a performance management program that fulfills your specific needs.

Following are just a few of the optional solutions available.

  • Design and Planning Service
    Provides expert assistance with requirements assessment, implementation planning, change management, training and roll out.
  • Train-the-Trainer Certification Program
    Prepares your own staff to provide training to managers throughout your organization, saving you training dollars and strengthening your performance management process.
  • Performance Management Systems
    • Core Competency Development
    • Performance Appraisal Development
    • Performance Appraisal Application
    • 180 or  360 Degree Performance Appraisals
  • Needs Assessments
    • Focus Groups
    • Employee Surveys
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Curriculum Development, Blended Learning Initiatives
    • Courseware Design
    • Face-to-face Courseware Training and Delivery
    • Distance Learning Development
  • Industry-specific strategies
    We customize our services to even better reflect the work performed in your organization. Industry-specific competency modules include:
    • Corporate
    • Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Call Center and Customer Service
    • Information Technology
    • Court Administration, Law Enforcement and Corrections

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