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Thank you for your interest in my programs. Having worked with the organizations such as yours for over two decades, I have found that no two are the same - each one faces its own challenges. So I customize the program to meet your special needs.

My Customized Approach:

Planning & Evaluation Working hand-in-hand Design & Delivery

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Service Philosophy
I truly believe that every program should give the participants an experience of what they are learning and the opportunity to practice it. My goal is to provide real value - information relevant to participants' needs that continues to have a long lasting impact on both attitude and behavior.

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Customized Approach
To assure that your program is relevant to your environment I follow the four-step process outlined above. I begin in the Pre-Course Planning by developing an understanding of your Vision, Mission, and Goals. I then assess (1) critical problems, (2) goals and central concerns, and the (3) organizational climate. The needs analysis is used to determine:

  Bullet Arrow Knowledge, skills and abilities to be addressed
Bullet Arrow Theoretical model that best fits your culture
Bullet Arrow Desired objectives of the participants,
Bullet Arrow Solutions to fit the value systems of those attending

This can be accomplished through many mediums - questionnaires, self assessments, interviews, and/or focus groups. I allow this opportunity for everyone to participate, whether it is a Keynote, Seminar, or Training, to enhance their ownership and their application of the ideas shared. The process assures your Vision, Mission, and Goals are the center stone for this endeavor, that there is "buy in" up front, and follow through after the program.

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Tailored Design
I then review the assessment with you and with the others who may want to contribute and solicit any input that is essential to the success of this program. In the next step, Tailored Design, I develop materials to meet your objectives, and design activities tailored to your environment.

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Your Investment
Your investment for the assessment, training, evaluation and materials for your entire organization will be determined by the scope of the work. Your investment includes A) Pre-course Assessments and B) Analysis, C) Customized Workshop, D) Customized Workbook, E) Training, F) Evaluations, and G) Follow-up Recommendations.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, and to contribute to your success,

Susan Wehrspann

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