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In today's 24 X 7 work environment with reduced staffing, reduced budgets, and increasing responsibilities, effective time and priority making is an indispensable to your survival in the competitive market.  Unless you learn to manage the way you decide to use your time, your priorities you won't be unable to manage anything else.  Using these decision management principles, you can virtually add hours to your workday- you work smarter, not harder, t accomplish more, increase output, decrease pressure and fatigue, and maintain control of your time and your life.

Upon completion of this program, participants will have the tools to:

· Analyze how you make decisions about how you use your time 
· Balance conflicting commitments
· Analyze how you make decisions about how you use your time
· Set priorities and stick to them 
· Plan only what you can  - schedule successfully
· Cope with impossible demands and crises
· Control time wasters so that they don't control you
· Organize and retrieve important communications and information
· Create more guilt -free leisure time
· Deal decisively with people, negotiate workloads 
· Save time spent on paperwork
· Manage the email and phone and electronic correspondence
· Accomplish more by doing less – learn to delegate without worrying
· Communicate effectively –to avoid mistakes, enhance motivation
· Conquer procrastination–learn a "fail-safe" system to do it now
· Increase control over their work, staff and career
· Handle routine delegating details efficiently 
· Have more time for priority activities
· Overcome work anxiety, pressure and fatigue
· Gain more satisfaction from work
· What Makes Your Time So Hard To Manage?
· What Is Time And Priority Management?
· How You Decide What To Do What Not To Do in Your Life?
· Taking Charge of What You Can Control- How Can You Succeed
· How To Make Conscious Decisions So That You Are In Charge Of Your Work And Life?
· How Do You Set Priorities Based Upon What Is Urgent and Important?
· How Do You Decide What To Do Based Upon Your Values?
· How Do You Manage Your Priorities a d Your Boss' Priorities?
· How Do You Manage Multiple Conflicting Priorities?
· How to Handle Multiple Supervisors?
· How Do You Control Interrupts So That They Don’t Control You?
· How Do You Plan Your Work and Wok Your Plan?
· How Do You Set Realistic Time Estimates?
· How Do You Work On Long Term Projects on A Day to Day Basis?
· How Do You Set Deadline You Can Live By?
· How Do You Handle Paperwork, Email and Voice Mail and Maintain Communication?
· How Do You Control Interruptions That Can Take you Away From Priorities?
· How Do You Delegate Right the First Time?
· How Do You End Guilt And Perfectionism?
· How Do You Get It Done Once And For All – Overcome Procrastination?
This course is more than time tips; it helps participants to examine the way they think
about how they spend their time and their life. The result-a lasting change in attitude and behavior!

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