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Program Title:Virtual Team Management

Tag line: Adapt team-building practices to teams separated by distance, but united in purpose.

Instructor: Sue Wehrspann


Course Description and topics covered:

Today, companies are taking advantage of networking to create teams with members in widely dispersed locations. Members of these teams may seldom meet face-to-face, conducting their work online instead.


The characteristics of high-performing teams--trust, supportiveness, self-initiation, shared goals, and a sense of urgency and importance--are easily lost in cyberspace. Though core leadership principles apply, the strategies and skills for practicing them must be adapted to the virtual environment.


This seminar teaches you what leaders of dispersed teams need to know to succeed.



- Building a group culture that enhances a sense of inclusion and belonging

- Selecting the best tools for telecommunicating

- Overcoming difficulties of scheduling and resource sharing

- Knowing when to meet face-to-face and what to do when you canít meet face-to-face



- Obtaining commitment from all team members

- Maintaining a team atmosphere in the absence of face-to-face meetings

- Recognizing warning signs that indicate the team is not functioning as a unit

- Rebuilding the teamís unity



This interactive seminar makes use of video and computer-aided presentation tools, discussion, case studies and experiential exercises for skill development and situational problem solving.


Who Should Attend:

Leaders and members of internal networked teams, such as sales teams or project teams.

Leaders and members of teams that embrace more than one organization such as client/staff teams or multi-company teams.

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