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The Basics of Influencing Genders

Selling is an art. Done well, it may be one of the most complex and satisfying forms of mutual influence that takes place in the world of business. In order to increase your potential for influence you have to adapt to an increasingly diverse and worldly population. 

But it does not happen automatically. We come from different worlds, so we need to understand the world were entering as well as how to assess the differences and adjust our styles. Without this adjustment, differences in style can result in communication breakdowns. You have to appreciate each person's unique world and actively involve yourselves in that world in a clear, convincing, and persuasive way.

Sales people who are attuned to the increasing diversity in market, who are adept at tailoring their approach to the differences in customers and who are skilled in delivering messages unique to each customer have the edge.  They have learned to tailor the sales and service approach to the uniqueness of each individual so that the customer experiences a custom fit. This program is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to maximize your influence.


  • Understanding the dynamics of influence and sales
  • Develop positive gender communication skills
  • Create a positive environment in which others genders that they are heard.
  • Overcome listening blocks
  • Respond effectively under pressure
  • Maximize your success, your revenues, profits
  • Know when to focus the interpersonal process, focus more on the product 
The Basics of Influence
How Do You Get Into Their World?
How Do You Customize Your Approach?
How Do You Adapt to Differences?  
Learn How Men Influence Women, Women Influence Men? 
How Do You Establish Rapport?
How Do You Build and Bond the Customer Connection? 
How Do You Find a Fit Assess Needs?
How Do You Present Ideas So That They Will be Heard? 
How Do You Decide on a Hard Sell or Soft Close?
How Do You Navigate the Battlefields?
How Do You Put It All Together?

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