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Customer Service






Because of the radically changing energy landscapes of the 21st century focusing on delivering superior value to customer is the only thing that really matters. To improve your competitive advantage means consolidating concepts of product and service - bringing together both the tangible and intangible of your customer's total experience. We need to uncover the types of value you can deliver to make your customer chose you over the competition and how to deliver value to the customer to achieve success. In this course you will find out what key factors drive your customer to choose you, the types of value that give you a competitive edge and formulate a strategy to encourage quality service commitment at all levels.



•    Provide more supportive and courteous service, improve operations

•    Improve your service by increasing responsiveness

•    Understand and enhance the service provided in the client contacts in which customers seek to have their needs met  

•    Make quality internal service a practical and enjoyable without causing burnout

•    Assure satisfaction - provide the service your customer needs and expects

•    Enhance the quality of client contacts in which your clients form their impression of the quality of service

•    Make improving service a practical way of life - overcome the policy or political barriers in your organization

•    Maintain emotional stability when encountering people in a variety of difficult service situations

•    Avoid escalating confrontations by effectively dealing with customer’s feelings, getting all the facts to discover his/her needs, asking the right questions, and solving the problem

•    Keep your cool under fire - deal with impossible demands successfully



•    Why is client service important to you? Important to your organization?

•    Who are your clients?

•    What do your clients expect - what makes up "customer satisfaction?"

•    The real reason behind client dissatisfaction: unreasonable client expectations, cumbersome regulations or personal performance

•    Analyzing your Client Service Cycle

•    What constitutes effective service: meeting your customer needs, eliminating annoying turn-offs, increasing turn-ons

•    How effective are you? Your Personal Customer Service Quotient

•    Essential personal attributes for extraordinary service - specific phrases, body language that build rapport with the customers

•    Roles and responsibilities for effectively serving the energy client

•    Communicating effectively and overcoming communication breakdowns due to perceptions, semantics, emotional distortion, assumptions, defenses

•    Listening actively--giving undivided attention and confirming what is said is what is meant

•    Asking questions to assure satisfaction

•    Attributes for extraordinary service: Ten  DO's and DON'Ts

•    How to measure customer satisfaction and apply what you learn

•    Knowing when you should bend the rules to serve the customer better

•    When and how to say no, with finesse, to impossible demands

•    Maintaining emotional stability while dealing with demanding, rude, impatient and irritated customers

•    What to do when you reach the "boiling point"

•    Knowing what your clients want:  Are they Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?*

•    Avoiding burnout- being the best without dying of stress

•    Keeping cool under fire - what to do when you reach the boiling point!

•    Developing your department’s Client Service Action Plan

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