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Work is a world in which we talk to get our work done. It is how we are being evaluated, how we get others to do what we want, how we deal with mistakes, accept or challenge authority, share or withhold information.   All this affects our success: how we are regarded and rewarded. Yet at work we find a variety of different worlds, which creates a world of differences when we communicate! This program raises your awareness of the communication issues encountered between men and women at work.  And it provides answers to important questions: How do you understand (and not simply react) to the impact of gender differences? Why do the same words cause different reactions? How do you close the communication gap?  How do men and women influence people? When do you adapt? When and how do you request a change in behavior? The result:  Improved work relationships based upon a recognition of conversational differences creates a more harmonious and more productive work environment. You get more work done, better!

Understand male/female communication breakdowns.
Avoid misunderstandings that come from cross cultural communication.
Eliminate dissatisfaction without accusing or blaming.
Learn style differences of men and women and how to use it to be heard and  understood.
Build rapport with any one - even people you've had difficulty with in the past.
Stop being a helpless listener! Get the information you need from others.
Handle conflicts, disagreements and highly charged emotional situations with tact.                      
Correct mistakes and deal with issues without escalating conflict.
Learn legitimate solutions to everyday problems created by "genderlect" - the dialect  between men and women.                                                 
Learn to get into each other’s world, speak each other's language and enjoy it!
Dismantle the misconceptions, minimize the differences and equalize the communication ‘playing field’ at work!
Learn to talk to their listening.
Learn to value diversity, make it work for you and not against you.
Improve the quality and efficiency of interactions.
Develop techniques for more flexible and open-minded communication.
Find a common language in which to achieve more professional cooperation  with those with whom you work.


• Why  bridge the communication differences between men and women?

• What causes men and women to be at cross purposes? 

• How do the different worlds of boys and girls produce different words in men and women?

• What is GENDERFLEX TM? Appreciating and adapting to differences.

• How do men and women talk on the job?

• How do men and women handle the BIG THREE DIFFERENCES - 
 Content, Style  and Structure?

• What are the conversation differences of men ?

• What are the conversation differences of  women ?

• A six step system for adapting to the differences.

• Women’s communication - what to enhance, improve, delete.

• Men’s communication - what to enhance, improve, delete.

• How to get into the other’s world.

• How to  request a change in behavior.

• How to get more done at work. How to work well together.

• How to actively listen.

• How to adapt to differences and be more productive.

The book GENDERFLEX TM by Judith C. Tingley, Ph.D. provides a great resource for this course.

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