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Successful communication means conveying exactly what you mean to say and having your listener understand your meaning.  It has been estimated that 70% of the mistakes that occur in the workplace and as much as 80% of lost business are the results of poor communication.  Not to mention the resulring frustrations! This course will provide the communication style that works both on and off the job. You will learn techniques to help you to get your message across and to improve your listening habits.  Use these skills to create rapport as you "read" and respond to others.




Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools to:


              Overcome barriers to getting your point across

              Create rapport, mutual respect, tolerance and openness

              Identify and eliminate listening blocks

              Express yourself in a clear, concise, compelling way in various situations

              Increase productivity and work effectiveness

              Create options in dealing with non-listeners and hostile encounters




This program will provide you with practical ideas to help you:


              Understand communication essentials

              Control the process and problems

              Identify common barriers to communication: words, confused meanings, by-passing, frame-of-reference, jargon, attitude, self-concept, style, atmosphere, expectations

              Develop strategies to be sure you are understood

              Recognize your personal style

              Understand how your patterns help or hinder your listener

              Learn and practice techniques to create rapport

              Utilize neurolinguistics to your advantage

              Express yourself effectively

              Learn the three keys to assertive messages

              Explore ways to gain the attention, maintain the interest, and present ideas persuasively

              Learn the skill of non-judgmental "active listening"

              Be able to recognize and surmount barriers to listening

              Assess your present listening ability

              Understand how listening affects performance, attitude, production

              Deal with anger and hostility successfully

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