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Work is a world in which we talk to get our work done, its how we are being evaluated, how we get others to do what we want and how we deal with mistakes, accept or challenge authority, share or withhold information.   All this effects our success - how we are regarded and rewarded.   To address the issues encountered between men and women at work - how do you close the communication gap?  how do men and women influence people? when do you adapt?  how do you understand and not react to the impact of gender differences? how do you request a change in behavior? why do the same words cause different reactions? - the program provides insights and answers.


•    Dismantle the misconceptions, minimize the differences and equalize the
     communication playing field at work
•    Learn to speak each other's language and enjoy it
•    Improve the quality and efficiency of interactions
•    Develop techniques for more flexible and open-minded communication


•    Why  bridge the communication differences between men and women?
•    What causes  men and women to be at cross purposes
•    How do the different worlds of boys and girls produce different words in men and
•    How do men and women work on the job?
•    The big differences- Inclusion vs. Independence
•    What are the work style rituals of men ?
•    What are the work style rituals of  women ?
•    A four step system for adapting to the differences
•    Women’s work style- what to enhance, improve, delete
•    Men’s work style n-what to enhance, improve, delete

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