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Since no human being exists in an atmosphere devoid of tension, it is important that each of us learns to recognize stress and develop a plan to meet the inevitable hassles of daily life.  This program tells how to identify, cope with, and eventually control the stress points in your life so that it is livelier, longer, and more productive. The result is optimal performance- an integrated state of ease, that allows you to mobilize and respond in sync with your current physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities.  You can tap reserves of energy and intuitive power to meet the challenges of working well and working well together.

It is not getting easier crises, increasing workloads, impossible demands, different workstyles repeatedly challenge one's ability to establish  control and make healthy choices.

Never before has it been more critical that people learn to recognize the danger signals and develop a plan to turn around a stress controlled life.  The latest studies report five of ten workers are burned out, and six out of ten Americans will die from stress and the disease it causes. 



Develop a theoretical understanding of the nature, causes, consequences of stress and burnout. Enhance your personal understanding and skills in the areas of:


                      Recognizing your individual stresses and your particular stress

                      Recognize stresses and stress reaction in others

                      Understanding the dangers of unrelieved stress and your own level of

                      Dealing successfully with burnout in others

                      Controlling your personal response to stress and avoiding burnout
       blind alleys

                      Developing ongoing stress safety valves-stress readiness plan

                      Develop an ongoing action plan to remove the stressors, control your
       reactions, relieve the stress. 

                      Utilize specific techniques for turning around a stress-controlled life     
       and making it more satisfying and productive 

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