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Twenty years ago, leadership meant power.  Today, the key to supervising is influence. 
The way a manager or supervisor uses their influence directly affects the way their people
use their potential. But, the way the people use their potential is also affected by whether
they take initiative, whether they choose be responsible, not just responsive.   The challenge
of coaching is to become consciously responsible for influencing, while simultaneously assessing the level of initiative and responsibility.   Not an easy task, but a profitable one! 
You can use your influence and skill to create an environment which fosters innovation, productivity, creativity while minimizing  conflict, misunderstandings, and resulting chaos.


This program is designed to enable supervisors to bring out the best in people, maximize influence and improve skills in facilitating positive and negative feedback, constructive
criticism and positive peer reviews.  The tangible tools, techniques, and formats  provided
in this class will build relationships with others, enhance success supervising diverse
individuals in a changing environment. while  contributing to overall satisfaction.



This program will:


           Bring out the best in everyone's performance

           Help new and experienced supervisors improve their skills

           Help not only the supervisor, but everyone affected by the supervisor

           Develop qualities of effective authority, supervision, influence and discipline

           Provide "nine keys" to develop and enhance supervisor skills and techniques
       in a creative way

           Develop open, direct communication that gets results

           Create a climate of commitment, openness to change

           Get problems solved in a positive manner

           Increase initiative from below

           Reduce employee cynicism and attitude problems

           Reduce friction between departments

           Enable others to work toward common goals

           Help others to meet the challenge of change 

           Improve conflict resolution and problem solving

           Practice positive peer reviews

           Size up any conflict  situation and confidently choose your

                        most appropriate reaction

           Identify your thinking style when solving problems

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