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In today's competitive business world, an organization's success depends upon its ability to respond to change and reorganization.  Change and reorganization is necessary and inevitable.  External conditions change constantly and irreversibly. If an organization is to survive, it needs to meet these demands productively. The changes that surround us demand that we develop both the commitment and skill to be assertive in shaping  reorganization processes for the benefit of our organization.


The single most important factor in any reorganization process is the people who will be most affected by the change.  For every change that is experienced externally there is an internal reaction to this reorganization.  Each person reacts differently to reorganization situations.  How we manage these transitions and respond to individual reactions can have a tremendous effect on people, on productivity, and the utilization of the innovation.  People seem to resist improvements in technology and procedures- even improvements in the physical environments in which they work.  Our failure to recognize the special needs of people in transition can cause slowdowns, roadblocks, bottlenecks and negative attitudes.  Unfortunately polarized thinking can adversely affect the work of others.


Organizational reorganization has many benefits and the purpose of this course is to share ideas and strategies that can help you make change and reorganization work for your and for others.  Reorganization does not have to be disruptive or resisted.  This program creates ways to work through resistance to commitment and make the future happen in a desirable way.



     Keep up! Adapt to changes and meet market demands positively

     Maximize the beneficial outcomes of reorganization: progress, experimentation,
       innovation, variety, stimulation, utilization of knowledge

     Understand the roles and personal needs of the people involved in the
       reorganization process

     Develop a comprehensive framework for reorganization-planning, preparing,
       initiating and supporting reorganization to assure commitment and ongoing

    Create a strategy to work through resistance to stimulate innovation, and bring
      about higher levels of satisfaction

    Handle negative reactions to reorganization positively

    Identify the special needs of individual users and provide the vital assistance

       through  appropriate actions to assure success

    Design ongoing "stress life savers"-a stress readiness plan for change

     Develop an  ongoing action plan to remove the stressors

    Control your reactions: relieve the stress of reorganization

      physically, emotionally, mentally on a day -to-day basis in order to avoid burnout

    Utilize specific techniques for turning reorganization from a hardship to an


    Help others understand their stress and assist them

    Keep cool when things get hot!

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