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MORALE: Quality of Work Life



The signs of low morale are unmistakable.  They are basically the same in every organization, trade, or profession, and they indicate a reduced quality of work life.  Here are a few symptoms: High turnover - employees who can leave, do leave.  High absenteeism - people dislike coming to work, or they are genuinely sick from their work.  Numerous grievances - employees' complaints reflect misunderstanding and dissatisfaction.  Lack of loyalty - employees are not dependable and demand compensation for everything.  The success of your work group or organization depends upon its size, equipment, experience and morale...and morale is worth more than all of the other elements combined.  When morale is healthy, most challenges can be met with a positive attitude - and positive results.




The goal of this program is to improve morale by increasing understanding of the following subjects: the changing of the meaning of work in Western society; the importance of employee morale in four key areas - the job itself, the work group, management practices, and economic rewards; the importance of organization climate; and the role of management in determining employee satisfaction and organizational success.


              Discover how the meaning of the word "work" has changed drastically over the last decade - and what it means to today's work force

              Learn new ways to evaluate how employees really feel about the conditions under which they work

              See how your organizational climate impacts the work force

              Evaluate your own level of morale

              Take action to improve employee satisfaction and increase organizational effectiveness



              The changing meaning of work and its effect on morale, job performance


              What work means to you


              The 8 critical symptoms of low morale and what companies do about it


              How to diagnose attitude problems


              The importance of morale and the job itself


              Management practices for raising morale


              Your level of satisfaction with your job and what to do about it


              Organizational climate influence on morale


              The climate of your organization: impoverished, supportive, enlightened, and how it can improve the quality of work life

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