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Leading and Motivating in Uncertain Times

In the current economic landscape, organizations can be under intense pressure with the threat of reorganizations, takeovers, mergers, downsizings, Chapter 11, joint ventures- all changes that create new demands on everyone. From top management to the front line worker, everyone is affected.


Without effective leadership the results can be dramatic: turnover, low morale, loss of productivity, absenteeism, increased stress, loss of focus, mistakes, even accidents


Leading and Motivating in Uncertain Times provides tools and techniques that are essential to the morale of your people and the ongoing success of your organization.


Participants will learn:


       Best Practices in leading and managing in transitions and uncertain times

       The five things a leader has to do to enable success of the organization and people

       The five things employees have to do to survive and thrive in transition

       How to communicate the big picture- the steps to keep workers on your side

       How to manage for stability when things get shaky

       How to cultivate your most valuable asset your people

       How to nurture growth and continued production in the midst of turmoil

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