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Practical Leadership Skills for New First-Line Supervisors

This Course prepares participants to transition successfully into a supervisory role, the focus is on building the critical skills that supervisors must have in dealing with daily challenges and change-


       Developing Supervisory Knowledge And Skills

       Assessing Professional Performance In OPM Leadership Competencies

       Leveraging Diversity

       Managing People Successfully Based Upon Motivation And Ability, Situational Leadership


       Problem Solving

       Communicating Effectively

       Managing Conflict

       Designing An Individual Development Plan To Improve Performance


Supervision/Manager training is designed for new first-line supervisors who have managed for less than 2 years.


However, experienced first-line supervisors who have not had the opportunity for this type of training or need a refresher are encouraged to attend. It is recommended you attend the HRM: What Supervisors and Managers Need To Know, before attending this course.

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