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Developing Your Social Intelligence- Emotional Intelligence is Not Enough

Do you have social intelligence - the ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you? Is there science to your success? Do managers need to understand and connect with the people they're leading. Do technical professionals benefit from understanding the social context and working from empathy? Do leaders at all levels need to be able to present themselves effectively and earn the respect of those they deal with? Social science research findings, ranging from Howard Gardner and Daniel Goleman to Dale Carnegie, Karl Albrecht suggest you do and outline five dimensions key to your success. This is a practical, interactive workshop you will:


       Learn the importance of social intelligence

       Understand why and how it works

       Assess your social intelligence

       Learn the five aspects of being socially intelligent

       Practice the skills that unlock your ability to connect, sense the social context, build collaboration and move people towards common objectives

       Understand what skills you have and techniques you can use increase your personal, professional and organizational effectiveness

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