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The ultimate success of your organization is dependent on the quality of service provided.  But it's not just the way service is delivered to the public that affects public's satisfaction. The way the employees deliver service one another is equally important. So, its not just the face-to-face encounter between the public and the county that counts. The service of your internal customers is vital, too. Internal service is the key to teamwork, cooperation, and service excellence. Without the essential support needed, quality drops. One can't provide exceptional service alone. This course provides a workable approach for instilling service excellence into each critical encounter in every niche of your organization.



         Provide more supportive and courteous service, improve operations

         Improve the service image of the regional office by increasing responsiveness

          Understand and enhance the service provided in the  critical encounter in 
      which your internal clients seek to have their needs met 

         Make quality internal service a practical and enjoyable without causing burnout

          Keep your cool under fire - deal with impossible demands successfully



          Why  client service is important to you? ?

          Who are your clients?

          What do your clients expect - what makes up "customer satisfaction?"

         The real reason behind client dissatisfaction: unreasonable client
     expectations,  cumbersome regulations or personal performance

          Analyzing your Client Service Cycle

          What constitutes effective service:  meeting your customer needs,  eliminating
      annoying turn-offs, increasing turn-ons

          How effective are you? Your Personal Customer Service Quotient

         Attributes for extraordinary service: Ten  DO's and DON'Ts

                    Knowing what your clients want:  Are they Chocolate, Vanilla  or Strawberry?*

         Avoiding burnout- being the best without dying of stress

          Keeping cool under fire - what to do when you reach the boiling point!

                    When and how to say no, with finesse, to impossible demands

                    Client Service Action Plan

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