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 In today's constantly changing business environment, confronting situations with cool-headed confidence and poise is an essential skill.  How you handle emotionally charged situations makes a powerful difference in your leadership style and the influence you have on others. So if you every feel frustrated that others will not listen to your side of the issue, feel intimidated by your anger-or someone else's feel like forcing the issue, or avoiding the conflict all together, or find yourself taking it personally or taking it home with you - it doesn't have to be that way. You can maintain your composure and emotional control and use your influence constructively in any situation.


This program will provide tools and techniques to deal with the inevitable emotions and defuse conflicts before they create frustration, low morale, and poor work quality.  The goals are to explore your emotional competence, your preferred methods for resolving conflict, to understand the ensuing advantages and disadvantages, and to see how they relate to your work experience.




Upon completion of this program, you will have the tools to:


     Zero in on the real causes of emotional reactions and conflicts

     Understand why people respond as they do

     Determine if, and when to deal with negative confrontations

     Communicate in a way that encourages openness and cooperation

     Give and receive criticism constructively

     Adopt a humor perspective to navigate in difficult situations

     Negotiate disagreements with composure using n situations with subordinates,
co- workers, the boss, the public

     Understand the advantages and techniques of I WIN-YOU WIN conflict management
to increase ability to build cooperation and cohesiveness in problem

     Zero in on the real causes of conflicts

     Initiate the conflict confrontation in a non-defensive way

     Communicate in a way that encourages openness, cooperation and agreement

     Increase your ability to problem solve collaboratively

          Communicate in difficult situations with difficult people-overcome barriers

   To getting your point across, command attention, keep others involved

     Motivate others to take action while lessening their resistance

     Create rapport, mutual respect, tolerance in controversial situations

     Keep cool under fire-express you in a calm, clear, and compelling way

     Understand how difficult people attack and master techniques to defuse the

     Size up any emotionally charged situation and confidently choose your most 
appropriate reaction

     Learn a problem solving approach to conflict situations

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