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Differences in personality can result in communication breaks - unless there is tolerance between people.  Developing appreciation for each person's uniqueness can greatly aid our efforts to listen effectively and communicate so that others understand us.  Are you traditional, participative, or independent?  Which of these three descriptions fits you best?



You are comfortable with rules, policies, and procedures.  You believe that without such guidelines, social breakdown would result.



Social ties and interpersonal commitment are your preferred form of control.  The vanilla says, "I will do this.  Will you do that?  Promise?  Promise?



Control is a negative word for you and you see it as restricted freedom.  You believe control should come from what the individual thinks is right.



COMMUNICATION STYLES- HOW TO INFLUENCE OTHERS helps you as a manager or an individual professional to improve your communication and interpersonal relationships.  It helps you to:


              Identify your personality and communication style and how it affects your relations with others

              Discover if you are mellow, if you have ever been, and how to be mellow, and how it can help communication

              Learn how to take advantage of your strengths

              Identify styles of human relations - which of your associates are turtles, and which are owls - and why they have trouble communicating

              Discover the powerful tool for unlocking a closed mind

              Learn how to use tolerance to avoid loosing your cool when things get hot

              Manage diverse personalities in the work place

              Ensure good human relationships with associates



              Importance and dynamics of interpersonal communications

              Your interpersonal communication inventory

              10 barriers to self-esteem and techniques to overcome them

              10 principles of effective listening

              The causes and consequences of communication breakdown

              What successful organizations do to prevent communication problems

              The role of personality in the communication process

              The key characteristics and typical needs of you traditional, participative, or independents

              How to solve personality differences and close communication gaps

              Managing diverse personalities

              The importance of human relationships; how to develop trust and respect

              Styles of human relations and how to use them to influence the quality of work and the quality of work life

              The nature and dynamics of successful relationships: learning the skills of self-disclosure, trust, listening and acceptance

              Managing your psychological size to improve two way communication

              The role of tolerance in communication and the importance of social attitudes

              Your Tolerance Index - when to be tolerant - when to be firm

              How to deal with differences

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