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Yes!  Brain power can be developed and your capacity to use your mental resources to your best advantage can be enhanced! You can improve your thinking skills by understanding the basic mental tactics, and making a deliberate effort to use them, just as you can develop your creative skills by identifying your metal blocks and working to overcome them!



Recent studies have found that the more you do NOVEL things – the more you think out of your  BOX- your limiting patterns of thinking - to discover new possibilities, innovative solutions and novel opportunities the more your build your brain.  We each have four ways of thinking. In this session, learn to call on the special resources each way has to offer. With this skill, you can release more of your potential, capitalize on built-in thinking resources, become a more systematic and creative thinker, be a better decision maker, and influence others who do not think like you.



·       Assess your thinking style


·       Develop important thinking habits which you can use in all situations to be more logical


·       Get past assumptions and limiting patterns


·       Identify roadblocks to creative problem solving


·       Overcome logicophobia - your psychological reactions to a logical challenge


·       Practice the seven keys to logical thought  - stepping, picturing, rephrasing, fencing, itemizing, chaining, jumping the track


·       Obtain the keys to help open the most common mental blocks


·       Learn five approaches to generate new ideas and produce solutions


·       Practice blockbusting techniques


·       Use impractical  ideas as stepping stones to creative ideas


·       Learn how to playing the fool can lead to innovation


·       Understand when breaking the rules can be an avenue to invention


·       Influence others effectively

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