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In today's fast-paced, competitive and complex world, it is crucial that women develop assertiveness skill to  survive impossible demands,  handle conflicting roles, and balance their personal and professional lives. Workloads can be overwhelming, and the pressure to do more in less time is constant.  Multiple priorities - career, family, bosses, co-workers, are the rule - not the exception. Even the most organized  woman can sometimes feel frustrated and unable to cope. Crises, increasing requirements and unreasonable requests repeatedly challenge a woman's ability to establish control and make healthy choices to deal with stress.

It's not getting easier - the latest studies report that five out of ten people will die of stress induced disease. Never before has it been more critical that women learn to recognize stress and develop a plan to meet the inevitable and deal with their special needs. This a program provides systems and solutions for the problems that turn women into victims of overwork, stress and un-achievable expectations. It shows women how to identify, cope with, and eventually control the stress points in their lives. The result is optimal performance- an integrated state of ease, that allows women to take charge, to employ attitudes and skills that  can tap reserves of energy to meet the challenges  of the 90's.





·       Understand the nature, causes, consequences not being assertive

·       Understand the dangers of unrelieved stress and your level of burnout

·       Control your response to stress and avoid burnout blind alleys

·       Design an "assertiveness " readiness plan

·       Develop an  ongoing action plan to respond effectively

·       Control your habitual reactions give up compromising, accommodating, avoiding when appropriate

·       Utilize specific techniques for turning around a work life controlled by reactions of others    

·       Keep cool when things get hot!

·       Cope with impossible demands

·       Say "NO" with finesse

·       Give up guilt and compulsive perfectionism

·       Put off procrastination

·       Handle chaotic workloads

·       Develop stress safety valves, avoid burnout

·       Stop being victim to the "Superperson Syndrome"

·       Emotional, Mental, Physical      

·       Dealing with stress carriers

·       Handling Difficult Behaviors

·       Dealing Confidently With Conflict


Evaluate-Keep Score!

·       What can you do right now to take better care of yourself

·       Mapping Your Progress

·       Keeping Your Momentum Going

·       Develop Your Personal Stress Management Plan

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